The Resolution

It’s new years eve, i’ve just re-surfaced from under my duvet at 2.30 in the afternoon having left three empty packets of Cadbury snowballs behind me. * Another Aldi special buy. ‘What a strange activity for one to partake in on a New Years eve’ some may wonder. Come this way, allow me to enlighten…Continue reading »

Adoption: The Greatest Battle I Ever Won

“Adopting a child is never a second choice, it’s just a choice. It doesn’t matter in what order you have this epiphany, I just hope you have it because it really is beautiful. “ So when did I have mine? What was my; ‘moment of sudden and great revelation or realization’? I can’t pinpoint it…Continue reading »

The therapeutic elf. . . .

” Father christmas sent me he wanted me to say, you’re such a brilliant, special boy in each and every way. ” I’ve waited years for these moments. We’re still going to have them. I’m just leaving the shaming aspect at the North pole. Eddie the elf has been sent to remind Nemo every day…Continue reading »

World Adoption Day

After just three months of campaigning, on world adoption day 2020 I was able to wake up knowing that finding an adoption card on a mainstream platform was now an option. In October 2020 we were approached by a desperate mum who, after searching nationwide retailers couldn’t find a card to symbolise her adoption journey,…Continue reading »

New arrival list

“Because some make it home a little bit later” NFM Bedtime Cot bed Cot bed mattress plastic protector bed sheets Bed guard Night time pull ups Gro blind Gro clock Night light/ night time projector Selection of PJ’S Slippers Slumber buddy Toddler aged dummies Parent chair or beanbag in the room * Believe…Continue reading »

The ‘nod’

It’s going to be tough ; You give em the nod. You can’t replace the loss of a biological child ; Double nod. It’s irrelevant how old the child is at the point of adoption, they have all suffered attachment trauma; Even bigger nod, slight widening of the eyes also by this point, shows committed…Continue reading »


We live in the #bekind era, we’ve all learnt from the devastating effects negative social media can have on people’s well -being haven’t we? Unless of course, someone decides to post a picture of something we cant comprehend. Or makes us feel uncomfortable, then it suddenly falls into the realms of ‘inappropriate.’ Chrissy Teign and…Continue reading »

Dear Mr Department store. The sequel

Published Sep 2020 Not a Fictional Mum is a breath of fresh air in the adoption community on Instagram. Her honest posts that put into words exactly how a lot of us have been feeling, are brilliant. And she’s opened a shop which stocks gorgeous clothing and jewellery to reflect the whole host of emotions involved…Continue reading »

A schedule for motherhood

Published on 07 September 2020 One of our Barnardo’s adopters – blogger and mother, notafictionalmum – writes about her journey through adoption, how their lives changed and the challenges and privileges of being a mum.  Hi, I’m notafictionalmum.  I’m a perfectionist, a planner. I like to plan most aspects of my life, I would love to plan…Continue reading »


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