Pass me the loo roll.

Did he latch?   He certainly did, the problem I’ve got is, how to get him to unlatch, to have the belief I’m not going anywhere. I don’t bother with loo roll holders these days there’s always a little hand right there bang on que ready to pass me a square or two.  Oh wait   You…Continue reading »

Playful pain

He watched his baby videos a good few days ago. I’m tying his shoe laces; “Mummy where is the teddy bear in my video” Just like that. Nemo’s thinking about his videos.The bear.I’m sure he’s thinking about a hell of a lot more. I’m tying his laces trying to work out how we can both…Continue reading »

The Nest

‘Blog publication for @mokee a major Nursery retailer that wanted to listen and ensure they were representing all families. NFM collaborated with the brand to create a new arrival toddler list also’ LOVE MAKES A FAMILY. Here is the story to prove. @Notafictionalmum says: I didn’t have ‘the bump’. I’m a mum. She adopted her son, when he…Continue reading »

Not guilty

You adopt, you don that superhero cape, swoop right on in rescue said child then skip off into the sunset sharing a packet of Werther’s Originals. You’ve done this wonderful thing right? The only thing left to do now is liase with your local council to agree where your statue would be best situated. So,…Continue reading »

The Resolution

It’s new years eve, i’ve just re-surfaced from under my duvet at 2.30 in the afternoon having left three empty packets of Cadbury snowballs behind me. * Another Aldi special buy. ‘What a strange activity for one to partake in on a New Years eve’ some may wonder. Come this way, allow me to enlighten…Continue reading »

Media interviews

BBC radio Bristol/ BBC West Dec 2020 BBC World service News Day interview business section (from 19 minutes 30 ish) BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human March 2020 * For the purposes of this interview given the nature of the topic Radio 4 gave each interviewee a fictional name to that of…Continue reading »

Adoption: The Greatest Battle I Ever Won

“Adopting a child is never a second choice, it’s just a choice. It doesn’t matter in what order you have this epiphany, I just hope you have it because it really is beautiful. “ So when did I have mine? What was my; ‘moment of sudden and great revelation or realization’? I can’t pinpoint it…Continue reading »

The therapeutic elf. . . .

” Father christmas sent me he wanted me to say, you’re such a brilliant, special boy in each and every way. ” I’ve waited years for these moments. We’re still going to have them. I’m just leaving the shaming aspect at the North pole. Eddie the elf has been sent to remind Nemo every day…Continue reading »

World Adoption Day

After just three months of campaigning, on world adoption day 2020 I was able to wake up knowing that finding an adoption card on a mainstream platform was now an option. In October 2020 we were approached by a desperate mum who, after searching nationwide retailers couldn’t find a card to symbolise her adoption journey,…Continue reading »

New arrival checklist

“Because some make it home a little bit later” NFM In February 2021 NFM collaborated with large children’s retailer Mokee to create this beautiful new arrival toddler checklist. Feel free to print and start ticking off! *Discount live until May 31st 2021


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