Children’s book reviews

I want everyone to know about these books. I didn’t, I’m just so bloody glad I do now. Please feel free to print this list and share with your child’s school or nursery. It could be a great idea for the pupil premium expenditure. I shouldn’t have written bloody.

Most of these books have been very kindly gifted, then reviewed by notafictionalmum. You can watch the video reviews on IGTV http://@notafictionalmum

  • Eddy Finds a Family- Sarah McGeough
  • How Sarah managed to totally encapsulate the heartache of infertility through the use of two flamingos will always fascinate me, She then goes on to heart warningly yet honestly show the emotions, and anxieties a child can experience when leaving their foster family behind before moving on to their forever home through the use of an Emu. What strikes you immediately is child friendly level of truth, it’s simply put but it’s put. I fell in love with all three characters both as individuals and as a family. If there’s one book im going to to turn to when i want to help my son understand just how much we had to fight to reach him, it will be this. Reviewed by Sue Armstrong Brown also CEO Adoption UK

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Erin & Roderick Discover Families- Fliss Goldsmith

There’s something so endearing about children’s natural curiosity, Fliss captures this innocence throughout the book as Erin & Rodericks inquisitive questions about families and ultimately what it means to be one are honestly answered. Throughout the book Erin & Roderick discover there isn’t one model of a family, an important message that still desperately needs to be promoted.

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  • The Blanket Bears – Samuel Langley-Swain
  • Written by an adoptive dad, endorsed by adoption UK this beautiful book explains in a very honest way but child friendly way the bears reasoning for having to go to live with the foster care bears and the role foster care bears play in their journey to forever home. Samuel manages to explain a very procedure led process from the initial transition into foster care to introductions with forever bear family, in such a heartfelt way. I challenge you not to be silently wiping away a few little tears as you near the end of this book.
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The Family Faries- Rosemary Lucas

After adopting her two children Rosemary writes about how she would find herself making up characters, phrases and rhymes to help her children understand their story. The wonderful ‘family fairies’ she refers to are the social workers involved throughout a child’s forever home journey. This book is the first one I’m yet come across that really highlights to the child just how much is involved before forever parents ever meet their little one. From a personal perspective, I can’t wait until Nemo can really understand this book. It uniquely showcases in a child led, light hearted way just how much our children were wanted. A much needed self-esteem boost for many.

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Rainbow Remembering -Bryony Irving

You’re hit with all the colours of the rainbow from the moment you open the book. Bryony emotively shows the child’s thought process and heart warming feelings he has leaving the foster carers behind and the reality of how the foster carers actually feel about this transition. It’s simply but very thoughtfully laid out in a conversational style with both the child’s and foster carers thoughts printed in different colours. As a parent who’s little boy came to me unable to talk but struggled greatly after forming such a close bond with his foster family. This book gave me a small insight into the possible worries he wished he could have shared with me. Bryony has a fantastic collection of therapeutic stories for all children available on Amazon in paperback or ebook format.


remembering here;

Robo-Babies -Laura Gallagher

Laura has tentatively managed to explain the many ways to parenthood in just twenty four pages. In a child friendly manner it touches upon IVF, donor conception, surrogacy, and adoption. It’s refreshingly simple but hugely engaging. The illustrations, fun techno font and powerful message of affirmation make this book truly unique. Ultimately she explains; ” They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but they share one important thing- every robot family starts with love.” Buy Robo-Babies here http://@oweletpress