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Pass me the loo roll.

Did he latch?   He certainly did, the problem I’ve got is, how to get him to unlatch, to have the belief I’m not going anywhere. I don’t bother with loo roll holders these days there’s always a little hand right there bang on que ready to pass me a square or two.  Oh wait   You…Continue reading »

Playful pain

He watched his baby videos a good few days ago. I’m tying his shoe laces; “Mummy where is the teddy bear in my video” Just like that. Nemo’s thinking about his videos.The bear.I’m sure he’s thinking about a hell of a lot more. I’m tying his laces trying to work out how we can both…Continue reading »

The Nest

‘Blog publication for @mokee a major Nursery retailer that wanted to listen and ensure they were representing all families. NFM collaborated with the brand to create a new arrival toddler list also’ LOVE MAKES A FAMILY. Here is the story to prove. @Notafictionalmum says: I didn’t have ‘the bump’. I’m a mum. She adopted her son, when he…Continue reading »

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