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The ‘nod’

It’s going to be tough ; You give em the nod. You can’t replace the loss of a biological child ; Double nod. It’s irrelevant how old the child is at the point of adoption, they have all suffered attachment trauma; Even bigger nod, slight widening of the eyes also by this point, shows committed…Continue reading »


We live in the #bekind era, we’ve all learnt from the devastating effects negative social media can have on people’s well -being haven’t we? Unless of course, someone decides to post a picture of something we cant comprehend. Or makes us feel uncomfortable, then it suddenly falls into the realms of ‘inappropriate.’ Chrissy Teign and…Continue reading »

Dear Mr Department store. The sequel

Published Sep 2020 Not a Fictional Mum is a breath of fresh air in the adoption community on Instagram. Her honest posts that put into words exactly how a lot of us have been feeling, are brilliant. And she’s opened a shop which stocks gorgeous clothing and jewellery to reflect the whole host of emotions involved…Continue reading »

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