adoption poem

Starting school – A poem –

For the parents who didn’t get to share those first, full, four years. The one’s who never got the chance to wipe away every tear The one’s saying goodbye this morning when they’ve only just said; ‘Hello’ Read more…


Choosing a school for an adopted child

There’s no denying this one, it’s a big decision. Huge in-fact. It is for any parent. For some of us however, there’s the added attachment trauma elephant in the room. He’s a pretty big fella too one that will not and should not allow himself to be ignored. So, when it comes to choosing a […] Read more…


Having to say no during family finding

[The part no one wants to talk about] I’ve spoken about a lot of things on here, been honest. Shown many sides to myself, albeit a lot more of me in the dressing gown then I’d anticipated. As most of you will know we have been approved to adopt again since October 2021 and have […] Read more…

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